Instrument Rental Kick Off

We kicked off this school season with band instrument rentals at one of our local schools.  It was quite a turn out with four stores bringing their offerings… including IE Music.  The place was packed with new and near new (i.e., pristine condition of course) instruments.  Some stores were offering instrument sales as well, on the spot!

The majority of the students were getting instruments for the very first time.  It was so exciting to have so many parents and students stop by and ask questions about the instruments.  It was a grand event and we look forward to doing more this season and the years to come.

Hope you all have a great season.


IE Music

Instrument Rentals

IE Music is in the process of offering instrument rentals at reasonable prices.  Stay tuned and check the website frequently to see our offerings.


IE Music/IEMusicstore

Wrapping up the School Year

Another school year is coming to close.  Be sure to keep your instrument in top playing condition and ready for the next band, orchestra, or jazz season.   Over the summer break find a good instructor to help you with your chops.   If you can’t afford lessons or an instructor.  Find a friendly musician you can share/exchange ideas with.  Along that line find a group of friends who want to make music just for fun.  This will go a long way in helping you keep up with your chops.

Those graduating from high school and going on to higher learning.  We wish you well in all you do.  Be diligent in your studies, and keep playing music somewhere in your life.

Cheers!  – IE Music

Fast Forward to Now

Our hearts and prayers go out to our fellow Americans in Boston.  It was a sad day yesterday.  We are hoping for a quick discovery of the culprits and swift justice.

Here we are it’s already the middle of April.  Can you believe that?!  At least tax day is over… on to bigger and better things like music festivals.

We have launched the mobile version of our website.  If you have an iPhone or Android smart phone you can easily navigate to our products now.   The site was written for an iPhone, but testing shows it works equally well with an Android device.   We left out some of the fluff on purpose.  You can toggle between mobile and classic modes on the site. Check it out!

While you’re up there check out the NEW instrument pins we carry.  Sure to be a crowd pleaser!


Happy New Year 2013!

Pasadena 3 AM 1 Jan 2013 – Camera Corner here we come!  There will be 500 + Santiago High School parents, family and friends… going crazy when our band proudly marches down Colorado Blvd.   For IE Music, this may be the last time for us to make the trek to Pasadena ToR, to close this chapter in our band life.    We are looking forward to taking in all the colorful sites and sounds as they pass by our spot on Colorado Blvd.

Wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

IE Music

The Holiday Season is Here!

There isn’t a better time of year than the winter holiday season.  Full of hustle and bustle during the busy months of November and December.   Let’s remember to take time for those who are not so fortunate.  Especially those affected by Sandy, or other economic situations that have caused a downturn.  Let’s make this a positive time of year for everyone.  So that we may be blessed for the rest of the season, and prosper in the New Year to come.   Also, keep our troops in our prayers so they will come home soon.

<Fast Forward> The Rose Parade 2013 is upon us.  There is only so many more days and we will be sitting on Orange and Colorado to view the festive event.  We hope everyone gets a chance to view this wonderful event which has become a tradition with our family.

IE Music

Back to School!

School will be starting in just a few days.  IE Music is prepared to help you find the necessary items to get started with your band program.   Contact us with your special needs for the hard to find items.  Of course we carry marching lyres, flip folders, and a general assortment of items needed to keep you playing your best.   You can contact us at (951) 479-1261 (text) or browse items at   Let’s make this an exciting band season!

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011 R.I.P.

Although, Steve Jobs had no clue who I am.

It’s his imagination and tenacity that created work for many in the IT industry.  It was his vision, and his external computing family that grew to thousands (Mac Zealots) in believing that a better computing experience may cost  a little more.  The useful ease of his visionary products were put in the hands of those who were NOT so computer literate.  This philosophy gave everyone a chance at finding a rich computing experience at their fingertips.  No matter where you were/are on the computing knowledge ladder.

We were saddened to learn about Steve Jobs passing.  There so many things to say about a visionary that moves generations of people.   Excites people about computing at so many levels.  This can only happen in here America.   His Apple products, created an opportunity  for me that lasted through a 22 year career in Information Systems before I landed at IE Music.   It started with a computer called “Macintosh” and morphed into so many different facets of IT… the sky was the limit.  Thanks Steve it was a good run.

Steve Jobs  legacy will live on.   Let’s hope the spark of life he started will live far beyond his imagination.  Without a doubt he will be sorely missed at all levels in and out of Apple.


Bandfest 2011

A prelude to the Tournament of Roses is the annual Band Fest held at Pasadena City College.  It is a celebration performance  for all of the bands who made it to the Tournament of Roses parade.   There are three shows in all and the band members are all high energy from here and abroad.  This is a world wide event that is streamed live via webcast.  But nothing beats being there live.

IE Music was there to enjoy the festivities, and this is just  great way to get to hear the music pieces in their entirety.   Bands from as far away as Sweden and Japan were there to perform, and perform they did!   We look forward to attending this festival of bands this year year when Santiago High School from our very own City of Corona will be there to celebrate their performance!

Keep your eye tuned now for the annual Tournament of Roses Parade airing tomorrow (January 2nd).


IE Music

Congratulations Santiago High School!

L.A. Fairplex – Pomona, California

After a week of waiting to find out if the Sanitiago High School marching band would compete in the final competition for a spot in the 2013 Rose Parade.    We found out Wednesday that Santiago would indeed  be competing against two other high schools from the Inland Empire on Friday the 30th.  What a wonderful surprise it was to find that our very own Santiaogo had clinched the competition with the piece Magnificent Seven,  and performed a spirited version of Birdland at the award ceremony.  Santiago was a real crowd pleaser.  The bands that participated are high caliber, and the judging must have been very difficult with the high level of talent presented to them.

A big congratulations to the band directors Kris Parish and Joe Dudek, and to Color Guard Coach Corkie Keys.  This team put the Corona-Norco music marching program on the map for everyone to see, and to enjoy.  It is a huge honor to be selected for the Rose Parade,  and took many hours of preparation and dedication from the band directors, color guard coach, band/color guard boosters and of course the band and color guard members.  Let”s not forget the band parents who made sure their students were prepared for the performances.  We are looking forward to seeing Santiago march down Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena  on January 1, 2013.


The following videos are courtesy of Music213’s YouTube channel.  Thank you Music213!