Memorial Day Service

Thank you to all those who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces.  We appreciate your service.  We are grateful for people like you who make sacrifices every day to to help keep this country safe and to help us maintain the freedoms we have here.  And, last but not least, let us NEVER forget those who have died on our behalf as they have made the ultimate sacrifice.

I have provided a link to a local church service honoring veterans. Please go to 8:29 of this segment honoring veterans to hear “Amazing Grace” played on the fluegelhorn.

Graziano’s Pizza Scrip! – Fundraiser (Santiago High School Bands)

Yeah, I know… “another fundraiser”.   Well this one is a pretty good deal,  The scrip is good for one medium pizza with 2 toppings for only $10.  A great value considering the pizza is worth over $16 dollars.  Hurry these won’t last long. Who doesn’t like Graziano’s pizza?   Just looking at the picture of the mouth watering pizza is making me hungry!  These cards are only good at their Corona, CA pizzeria. There is no expiration date and dine-in only. This item is not available online.  All proceeds go to the Santiago High School Band!

You can contact IE Music for Availability at 951.479.1261
IE Music