Remembering 9/11

What were you doing the morning of 9/11? Maybe you were in school. Perhaps you were finishing your morning coffee. I was getting ready for work. The TV news was buzzing with what would become a day of infamy in American history. We saw the event unfold before our eyes on national television.   Our country was attacked by Islamic terrorists on our own soil. The first attack of this magnitude since World War ll.  We we’re caught off guard by an extremist group fueled by hatred.

I remember one colleague being on an airliner which was suppose to be part of the bombing plot.  Thank God she was spared…  because the terrorist(s) didn’t make it to the jet flight that was suppose to be part of the bombing plot.

The events of planes crashing into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and being forced down from the skies.  The lives lost was an awakening to who our allies are and who are our foes.   We certainly have learned a lot since then.   9/11 has changed everyone’s life in the U.S.   From securing our borders to a simple airplane flight.  We do things differently now to keep ourselves safe.  Our loved ones went to battle and are still battling on foreign soil.  Our greatest hope is that our God and peace will prevail.

We pray for those who lost their lives,  and the ones who were left behind to pick up the pieces.  We pray this never happens again.   Let all of us become more understanding, loving and grateful.   Let us continue to be the nation that everyone looks up to.  We shall stand strong in our God and Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us remember those we lost, and those who heroically gave up their lives to save others.  Remember the heroic emergency workers and volunteers who worked effortlessly to save lives that day, and the days that followed.  Everyday citizens that performed heroic deeds did not go unnoticed.   Remember our president George Bush who led us through the turmoil into resolve.  Let our history books remember that well.

There are services today to commemorate 9/11.  Do attend one in remembrance and respect of all who fell.

Remember 9/11.