Developing Good Practice Skills

Practice can be fun.   Really.  Setting obtainable goals is a huge part of developing anyone’s practice skills.   That statement goes across the board for anyone that hopes to achieve success in what ever they do.

With that said, how, what, when, where and why do we set up our methods and timing?   Let’s step out of our box and take a good look at where we are first.  Where we want to be, and how we are going to get there.  So “planning” these goals should be a first priority.

First rule of thumb, don’t ever bite off more than you can chew.  In other words words if you set your expectations to high you may get discouraged and slip into a catatonic state.  You don’t want that to happen.  You want your practice sessions to be challenging but not frustrating.  The parts you have the most difficulty with you need to work out first.  Do not move on if you cannot play a section of your piece fluidly.  If you still have difficulty seek the advice of your band director,  mentor,  private instructor, or peers who have mastered the piece and are willing to provide you good advice.  Most musicians love to share what they have learned, because it will benefit the band or orchestra.  Your patience, is key here.  Self discipline comes from patience, not just with others but primarily with yourself.    If you feel frustration setting in.  Take a break and relax a few minutes.  If you still run into issues.  Do contact others to find out what they did to get through a piece.

For additional “sound” advice Click Here.  Practice, Practice, Practice!

Remember to have fun!