Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011 R.I.P.

Although, Steve Jobs had no clue who I am.

It’s his imagination and tenacity that created work for many in the IT industry.  It was his vision, and his external computing family that grew to thousands (Mac Zealots) in believing that a better computing experience may cost  a little more.  The useful ease of his visionary products were put in the hands of those who were NOT so computer literate.  This philosophy gave everyone a chance at finding a rich computing experience at their fingertips.  No matter where you were/are on the computing knowledge ladder.

We were saddened to learn about Steve Jobs passing.  There so many things to say about a visionary that moves generations of people.   Excites people about computing at so many levels.  This can only happen in here America.   His Apple products, created an opportunity  for me that lasted through a 22 year career in Information Systems before I landed at IE Music.   It started with a computer called “Macintosh” and morphed into so many different facets of IT… the sky was the limit.  Thanks Steve it was a good run.

Steve Jobs  legacy will live on.   Let’s hope the spark of life he started will live far beyond his imagination.  Without a doubt he will be sorely missed at all levels in and out of Apple.