Bandfest 2011

A prelude to the Tournament of Roses is the annual Band Fest held at Pasadena City College.  It is a celebration performance  for all of the bands who made it to the Tournament of Roses parade.   There are three shows in all and the band members are all high energy from here and abroad.  This is a world wide event that is streamed live via webcast.  But nothing beats being there live.

IE Music was there to enjoy the festivities, and this is just  great way to get to hear the music pieces in their entirety.   Bands from as far away as Sweden and Japan were there to perform, and perform they did!   We look forward to attending this festival of bands this year year when Santiago High School from our very own City of Corona will be there to celebrate their performance!

Keep your eye tuned now for the annual Tournament of Roses Parade airing tomorrow (January 2nd).


IE Music