Tustin Tiller Parade – This Saturday

The first parade of the Santiago High School Marching Band season will kick off this weekend in the beautiful city of Tustin.  The annual Tustin Tiller Days Parade will be held this year on Saturday, October 2nd at 10:00 AM.   If you aren’t following the buses from the school… Get there early to get good parking and seating.  Click here for more information about the parade, directions, etc.   See you there!

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What a football game, and how about that band!

Last nights Santiago High School varsity football game was a nail bitter.  The Santiago High School Marching Band led the night with lots of highly spirited music.   The band was joined with three intermediate school bands from the area… El Cerrito, Corona Fundamental, and Citrus Hills.  The combined bands put on an excellent half-time show under the direction of Kris Parish and Joe Dudek.   I can’t forget to mention the band directors from the intermediate schools Laura Hamlin , Kevin McGee and Shawn Baker were there to coordinate the students from their respective bands.  It was a well executed event and a great experience for the intermediate school students to get a “vibe” of what it’s like to perform in a football game half-time show.  Thanks to all of the directors for their efforts in the production of this yearly experience for all to enjoy!  The football team walked away with a slim defeat against a really tough team,  but expressed their appreciation by moving to the band section.  The football team then acknowledged the band’s school spirit.  I couldn’t think of a better way to end the game.   Nice job guys.

Thanks Corona-Norco School District!

Ok,  so you are off to a great start with band this year.  Only to find that the school board has cut the budget and your band is in dire straits.  Fortunately for those students that attend school in the Corona-Norco School district.    They have the luxury of having a school district that embraces the arts as part of their core curriculum.  So the chances of band being cut from the school budget… just isn’t going to happen.  With that said.  I believe all band students and their parents should thank the district for making a wise decision in embracing the arts.   The Corona-Norco disctrict  understands that a well rounded program in our schools is paramount to a students success beyond the K-12 years.  In a time when there are so many cut backs everywhere.  I applaud the Corona-Norco School district for their dedication to the arts.  Take some time to drop them a letter, or phone call the superintendent to show your solid support.  The phone number for the Superintendent’s office  (951) 736-5010. Their website is at Corona-Norco School District.

Entertainment Books – Fundraiser (SHS Bands)

Santiago High School Band Boosters is selling entertainment books for the Inland Empire at $25 (Regular Price is $35).  But if you work in Orange County or want to give one as a gift.   They can provide them for other counties and states as well but at the higher price.  Come on this is a fundraiser.  All proceeds go to the Santiago High School Band.  Thank you for supporting the Bands of Santiago High School!  You need to hurry since there is a short window to get these books.

You can contact IE Music for Availability at 951.479.1261
IE Music

Graziano’s Pizza Scrip! – Fundraiser (Santiago High School Bands)

Yeah, I know… “another fundraiser”.   Well this one is a pretty good deal,  The scrip is good for one medium pizza with 2 toppings for only $10.  A great value considering the pizza is worth over $16 dollars.  Hurry these won’t last long. Who doesn’t like Graziano’s pizza?   Just looking at the picture of the mouth watering pizza is making me hungry!  These cards are only good at their Corona, CA pizzeria. There is no expiration date and dine-in only. This item is not available online.  All proceeds go to the Santiago High School Band!

You can contact IE Music for Availability at 951.479.1261
IE Music

A new school year..

By now everyone should be deep into the new school year.  We are anticipating some exciting fun and challenging times with our band students.  It should be a great year for band performances.   We are looking forward to Marching Band revues and competitions that will start very soon.. and football halftime shows.  It’s just around the corner.  Then the winter celebration performances.  IE Music hopes to be there for many of the excellent performances that local students will participate in. 😀